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I usually don’t expect much from Tiktok products but this one was surprisingly just like they showed it on Tiktok

The picture quality is stunning, especially on large walls. It's like having a cinema in my living room! It also works on black walls incase you don’t have white ones

I moved into a flat once I moved out and didn’t have a TV. I wasn’t sure if I should save up my money for a new TV or buy a projector since there are some cheap projectors going around. I was skeptical about the quality especially with those projectors that go for 40-60$. I chose the Scongue Projector and Im more than happy with the quality. Highly recommend.



All Scongue™ products are backed with a 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping!

Scongue™ orders are fulfilled and then shipped to anywhere globally in an average of 7-15 days.


Scongue™ features a high-quality material with a projecting light that is perfectly safe for entertainment! Although you should NOT project it directly into your eyes!

It won't break naturally, it is the one and only time you will have to purchase this product in your life as long as it is not purposely destroyed.


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